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Our industry development experts will understand your business needs and can connect you with top talent to support your project and organizational needs on a temporary or long-term basis. Our professionals are available for on-site or remote work all over the country.

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Our Prestigious Placements agents can work together with you, and discuss opportunities with the best companies in the market. There are on-site and remote opportunities that you can choose from. Join our growing network of professionals and sign up today.

How We Work

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Email us or Schedule a call with one of our recruiters to discuss your vacancies.

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Provide us with a job description and exact location.

Get Matched

We will get you matched with the most appropriate candidates according to your job description.

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Have your pick of some of the best candidates to be a part of your team.


We’ll set up an interview with the chosen candidates

Hire the best

Hire the candidates after a successful interview
Mission Statement

About Us

At Prestigious Placements Ltd. our goal is to help companies hire the best talent. We specialize in finding top notch candidates to be a part of your team. When you need the right talent, we have here to help. Our extensive database and 360° approach to recruitment, means that the people you want are already registered in our system.

Why Us

We are exceedingly attentive to your needs because we, the partners, directly manage each and every client. Our search intelligence and expertise in recruitment makes for a more efficient match, and allows us to attract talent that are committed to your company’s success and longevity. Whether you’re an HR manager, internal recruiter, hiring manager, we’re here to assist you in sourcing the best talent as quickly as possible––saving you time and helping you get the talent you need.
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Industries Served

Cost Savings

Reduce recruitment costs, with a significant reduction in the use of third-party agencies.

Quality Candidates

Build a range of talent pools of skilled, 'at-the-ready' candidates to meet your future talent needs.

Faster Hiring

Elevate your performance metrics, like time to fill, while significantly increasing the quality of hire and new hire retention.

Brand Awareness

Increase your employer brand value, and position your organization as an employer of choice.

Data & Insights

Leverage reporting, data and insights to create operational excellence and superior risk management.

Featured Jobs

Here are some opportunities with the best companies in the market today. Join our network and we can work together to find you what fits you.


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